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  • The BIG Secret Behind 7-Figure Law Firms... The Lawyers who own and operate high 6-Figure and 7-Figure law firms do TWO things that almost no Lawyer on the planet is even aware of (not taught in law school). Is it any wonder why less than 5% of ALL law firms produce 7-Figures in revenue?
  • The GIANT Lie They Told Us In Law School About "The Business" Of Law... You will uncover a handful of behind-the-scenes, often-not-talked-about, never-taught-in-law-school "Money Philosophies" Lawyers in the 7-Figure+ category live and die by (make sure you take a seat for this.)
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Who Is RJon Robins?

A Lawyer, just like you (most likely if you're reading this), RJon completed a prestigious 9 credit internship with the US Trustees Office and clerked for a Federal Bankruptcy Judge. He then struggled mightily early on in his own Solo Law Practice, until he discovered many of the little-known Success Principals he lays out in this new, groundbreaking book for Lawyers...

He was then recruited by the Florida Bar's Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS) where he became a Law Practice Management Advisor, to teach his fellow Lawyers to find, fix and avoid the most common sales, marketing, management, staffing and financial control problems that once plagued his Law Firm. Today, RJon Robbins is the Founder and Leader of the largest outside Managing Partner Services organization in the US serving Entrepreneurial Lawyers from ALL practice areas and ALL walks of life. His company was recently elected to the Inc. 5000 List of America's Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies.

Thousands of Business Owners have invested in RJon's self-study audio programs and monthly membership-style coaching programs to start and grow a successful law firm "business." Because of these programs, his company has created a community of Entrepreneurial Attorneys, who’s law firms gross over $50 Million, employ more than 250 Attorneys and staff and service an estimated 2,000 clients per year.

“My law practice had gotten big and then fell apart, because I didn't have the infrastructure in place to make it keep going. Since following RJon’s advice, I rekindled my practice and now have a “business machine” for a firm. This has made a tremendous difference in my outlook on life, my enjoyment for my practice, and even my family is better.”

Dan Reynolds, Portland OR
"RJon has a really unique talent of being able to just kind of see-through your excuses and get you unstuck. I had personal issues holding me back and his guidance turned my practice around and, literally, saved my marriage. I am now happier every morning when I wake up. I’m making more money. I’m actually enjoying my work. This info has caused a cascade of positive developments in my business and in my life."

Carey David, Gainseville, FL
“You were an immense help when I was struggling to set up my own practice. I now own my own law firm, a title insurance company, and a real estate development company. I credit many of my successes and victories to your guidance in particular. Thank you RJon.”

David Midgett
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RJon Robbins

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Who Is How To Manage A Small Law Firm and What Do We Do?
We are the leading, largest, biggest and best provider of outside Managing Partner (MP), Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services exclusively for the solo and small law firm (single-shareholder) market.

We do this through an ongoing program of online and live training events, coaching and resources for which our members invest a monthly membership fee. One way I feel helps expose lawyers to this program is by offering my book, Secrets of the Million Dollar Law Firm, to attorney's seeking to grow their law firm business. By agreeing to receive the book, you agree to receive emails from me about your order and my firm's services. No information is rented or sold. It is only utilized to help you grow your law firm whether you decide to work with my firm or not.

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